El Tarot de Mariela

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  2. your little girls deileitnfy have beautiful hair like their momma. seriously your little kids are darling; i love that last picture. hooray for spinach in smoothies!

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  6. Heh, can’t agree with you about Jacob (but then I can see why you would feel the way you do if you only read it for the absurd lulz–I read it for the awesome Jacob and all of his hilarious lines), but otherwise spot on again! 😀

  7. I think that is absolutely amazing! I cant wait to see you on that show. I love when you update your blog, i love hearing all the amazing stories about Ronan. I need to purchase some of his braclets so i can tell people about childhood cancer. Its such an amazing thing your doing! Your little man is changing lives and it inspires me! Keep it up!

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  9. Interesting. I'm glad I found your blog. My moment of losing faith (at age 20, over 11 years ago) came after much doubt, like yours … and it was precipitated by the same "If my parents had taught me any other religion, I would've believed it instead" epiphany. (I started out Southern Baptist, with a dad who is a pastor. My best friend was LDS, growing up in AZ where Mormons are a dime a dozen, and her dad was a bishop.)I think this may be the first time I've "met" anyone whose moment of deconversion was essentially the same as mine. Cool.

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  13. Comme d’habitude test simple et précis, en un mot « compréhensible » par n’importe quidam, en fait moi. Moi qui pensai que les grands blancs n’étaient pas des plus discret, alors là que dire…Alors Darth! le grand rouge commence à voir la vie en jaune….NB: Il me semble que la deuxième photo (à l’aéroport) est un peu floue, non?

  14. it would be easy, though, did He~~ It’s certainly not. Life is just hard~ full of joy, as well as trials and tears, but I can only imagine how lost I would be without Him in mine. He shines so brightly in your sweet family.Love and great wishes for peace for you all today,Peggy Martin and her own precious family )

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  20. Yes! Kids get enough snark from other kids without their Mom starting it. And I feel your pain- I had a constipated kid too. If she had to go in a public restroom she would scream bloody murder. People would side eye me like I was doing something unspeakable in the bathroom stall. Luckily the problem seems to go away as they get older.

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  31. I love the first photo of you. you look so happy and gorgeous. I hope Ben and I will be like you and John, still going to festivals. I think we will as we love music as much as you guys do. I saw MIA at a Sydney festival a few years ago and she did the same thing…but there wasn't as many people on the stage. :)

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  36. Awesome inspiration! I'm creating a concept myself with the same color scheme…although I won't be doing a sweets table though…unfortunately I'm not much of a baker! : ) Looking forward to seeing your design!P.s I created those rose balls last year in pink, and created more in red for my Valentine's Day project. That tutorial is awesome!

  37. I come here because I love your photos and seeing what goes on in Brussels, and dreaming of the day that I can be out as a full blown Euro expat again… In the mean time I drop by to adore your flat and interesting stuff you’ve got to say from the other side of the pond…

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  57. Creative video! I did like the “Vietnam Era” music, “Paint it Black” (Gotta’ love The Stones!) and maybe some Hendrix at the end..It looks like a well supplied store..I could almost smell that Army Surplus Store smell….ahhhhhh…lol..

  58. Holly- I have been thinking about you this week. I just finished catching up on some post reading. I am so sorry that you have had to wait so long for your pictures and Carleigh's stone. Your path through this walk has not been easy, but your life is a testimony of his Amazing grace!

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